Tutorials / Ingest FIRMS WFS into ArcGIS Pro and Customize the Symbology

This demonstrates how to ingest FIRMS fire data provided as Web Feature Services (WFS) into ArcGIS Pro and custom modify symbols, colors and size.

Step 1 – Add WFS Service Connection

  • Launch ArcPro and open Catalog window.
  • Create New Map
  • Add New WFS Server Connection

Step 2 - Establish Connection

  • For server URL set WFS Connection/URL enter connection string for the desired WFS. For example, for the last 7 day WFS services for the continental US and Hawaii use https://firms2.modaps.eosdis.nasa.gov/mapserver/wfs/USA_contiguous_and_Hawaii/<YOUR_MAP_KEY>/? where ‘YOUR_MAP_KEY’ is the unique code containing both letters and numbers
    (make sure '/?' is included at the end of your WFS URL).
  • Click OK

Step 3 - View FIRMS Layers

  • If connection was successful, there will be a list of FIRMS WFS service feature layers.
  • Open the tree structure under Serversfirms2.modaps.eosdis.nasa.gov.wfs to see the WFS the feature type layers.
  • Find the layer of interest and drag into your Map Project (ex. NOAA-20 7 days fires).

Step 4 - Draw FIRMS Layer

  • Drag the layer of interest into the desired ArcPro map window.
  • The layer will be added to your window and draw.
  • Position the layer accordingly in the draw order so it is visible with other layers.

Step 5 - Open Layer Symbology Window

  • Right click on the FIRMS layer.
  • Click on Symbology.

Step 6 - Set Layer Symbology Parameters

  • Configure the symbology as desired. Active fire detections can all be symbolized using a single symbol or they can be classified and symbolized uniquely or as graduated symbols based on feature layer attribute values.
  • Click OK button to assign the desired symbology scheme.

Step 7 - View Results

  • The map will display using your custom symbology.